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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Best Travel Sites For Finding and Booking Great Airfare and Hotel Deals

The Best Travel Sites For Finding and Booking Great Airfare and Hotel Deals

A Google search for travel will return nearly 8 millions results. But how can you know which travel sites will truly assist you in your trip planning, and how can you figure out which ones you should visit first?

If you know where you want to go, your first step is probably finding out how much it will cost.

Airfare comparison travel sites have come a long way in the past few years. With fares from virtually all domestic carriers, is one of the best. A flexible-date feature makes it easy to see how much you could save by shifting your dates. And once you find a fare you like, clicking on it takes you to the airline's website to make reservations.

Sidestep scans more than 600 sites for fare information. It's another good place to look for cheap domestic flights.

European airlines like EasyJet and RyanAir offer really cheap airfares that aren't available in the United States. You have to be careful about all the hidden charges, but with fares of $2 one way from London to Rome or Paris, they're hard to resist.

Cheap Flights to London - Tips For Finding Affordable Airfare

Cheap Flights to London - Tips For Finding Affordable Airfare

London is one of the largest cities in Europe, as it welcomes 27 million tourists every year. It's also one of the oldest cities in the world and boasts museums and historical landmarks. Some of the most popular attractions include Tower of London, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, etc.

Many of the centuries old buildings and castles are said to be haunted by ghosts of royalty and servants alike. Since it's such a fantastic city and tourist destination, cheap flights to London are sometimes hard to come by.

In fact, cheap international flights usually are hard to come by. Many Americans and Canadians find that flying to Ireland first, and then to London, is cheaper than flying to London directly. You shouldn't despair if you experience problems finding cheap airfare. It is possible to find, you just need to know where to look.

Here are some tips for finding cheap flights to London:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Extremely Cheap Airfares - How Hard is it to Find Extremely Cheap Airfares?

Extremely Cheap Airfares - How Hard is it to Find Extremely Cheap Airfares?

Finding the right price for your budget when it comes to flying on an airline can be a tricky proposition. The world of air travel ticketing and pricing can seem like a maze of jargon and red tape that is meant to confuse the customer, rather than make your life easier and more convenient.

Even with the issues of modern day flights, traveling by air is still usually the most economical and fastest way to travel great distances. Keeping these three power tips in mind when searching for your next airfare should help you to find the extremely cheap plane tickets your are searching for.

  • Be Very Flexible. It helps a lot if you are not rigid with your travel dates. Also, flying mid-week can add significant savings. Saying over Saturday is not as important as it used to be for getting the best price, but avoiding peak holiday travel dates is very important when it comes to getting the cheapest airfare. Do not forget to check flights leaving from neighboring airports. You might be able to save a lot of money in exchange for driving to an airport a little farther away from your home.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cheap Airfare to India - The Land of Spices

Cheap Airfare to India - The Land of Spices

To find cheap airfare to India, the internet is the only viable option. With the price of fuel fluctuating, so do the prices so frequency of looking is your best option. The farther in advance you look is generally the cheapest but after 2 months the savings is not significant.

There are a lot of low cost flights being advertised like the one from Kuwait Airways for $580. This is a one stop flight from JFK to Mumbai with a layover in Kuwait City. The part most of the great looking prices leave out are the taxes and fees. For this particular flight they are $280 in fees and taxes added to the ticket. This is typical and a reoccurring event in the price wars on the internet.

The taxes and fees vary from airlines to airlines. This is even if they use the same airports so the fees are just hidden costs from the airlines to get more money out of their customers without looking greedy. A good example is from Qatar Airways.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

5 Ways to Secure Low Cheap Airfare

5 Ways to Secure Low Cheap Airfare

For low cheap airfare please fasten your seat belt

The best time to book your cheap airfare online

Never, ever, book your flight over the weekend , neither book on a Monday or a Friday as these are the most expensive days to book. The best day and time to book is on a Wednesday after 10.00pm but before 10.00am on Thursday (preferably before 8.00am if you can make the effort to get out of your bed – it’s sure worth your time). The aforementioned tip is due to the way airlines adjust their flight prices.

Generally speaking they will raise them on a Friday, leave them riding high all weekend and if sales are slow they will lower them on Monday morning. Lowering them further on Wednesday evening until Thursday afternoon when they will start to raise them once again, peaking on Friday through Monday.

One final point: If you are considering flying during the next month, make sure you book just after the 7th of the month as airlines readjust their inventory around this time.

Best days to fly

Well, frankly, if you like me, enjoy travel, any day is a good day to fly. However, in the best interests of securing low cheap airfare don’t even think about travelling on a Monday, or a Friday . The best days to book your flight (actual flying time) is either on a Wednesday or Thursday, Tuesday is OK too.

Obliterate your cookies

Yes, the chocolate chip kind too (yum-yum), but in this case I mean the little cookie spies on your computer, the cookie monsters which hold your preferences, search history , ID’s etc. This is particularly relevant when your searching for cheap airfares on the same site, over and over again, even on different days.

If your cookies are not cleared when you return to the site, you will be identified and all your previous searches are know etc. I am not espousing any conspiracy theories here, but you get my drift – don’t you?

Newsletter sign-up

Visit airline websites (not agents) and sign up for their newsletter or frequent flyer programs. Once on the list you will occasionally get offers and discounts emailed to you. Don’t underestimate the power of this strategy as like everyone else, airline marketing departments have sales targets to meet and will often keep red hot promotion codes to themselves to mail to their list.

Get alerts from airfare comparison sites and Google alert

Sign-up for cheap fare alerts with airline comparison sites. An important point here is to state your parameters and preferences as you don’t want to be getting alerts which are not relevant to your flying plans.

It’s also worth using the Google alert service. Be specific with your keywords though . For instance, if you set an alert for low cheap airfare you will be bombarded with alerts which may not be relevant to you. So go for something like: fly to the Caribbean for 300 dollars. Don't forget to send me a postcard!

You now have some great advice on securing your low cheap airfare. If you want to further increase your chances I strongly suggest you take a look at this Cheap Airfare Guide I would just love to give you this info free but I don't want to get slapped with a copyright infringement (smiley).

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to Get Cheap Airfare - Find the Best Airfare Deal Online!

How to Get Cheap Airfare - Find the Best Airfare Deal Online!

Nearly half of all travel airfare is booked online so it pays to look online to get cheap airfare. With a little bit of legwork you'll be able to come up with the lowest best airfare deal and often save hundreds of dollars on your airline tickets in the process.

First of all the three major travel sites will often have different prices for the same flight. So go the easy way to Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity and look up and compare prices side by side. If you don't have to fly at a specific time of day, try typing in different times for your arrival and departure.

Be as open as you can and experiment a little. The airfares on the flights that are less popular will save you the most money. You should find significant savings and often a different price for each of the travel sites.

You can save even more money if you avoid the booking tools on the travel website's home page. Instead go to the search options box, Plug in more information such as airports located within a 50-mile or drivable distance. You can save a lot of money on your airfare and get it a lot cheaper if you're willing to be flexible.

Know what a ticket usually sells for. This may take a little research over time to come up with a good average price so you know what a good price for your airfare is when you see it.

Check to see if the discount airline Southwest Airlines flies on your route.

Start shopping for cheap airfare far ahead of time but don't book then, preferably three months ahead or so - airlines post their schedules from six to eleven months ahead of time. This will be information-gathering time.

Forget shopping and booking travel on weekends, the best time to shop and buy cheap airfare is late on Monday or early on Tuesday. Airlines will start their airfare sales on Sunday night or Monday morning. However other airlines usually match the airfares that are on sale by Monday evening so you have more options.

The cheapest day to book airfare is Wednesday, followed by Tuesday and Saturday. Tuesday and Saturday can be good because the airlines are trying to fill seats because of the low demand for these days.

Airlines post airfare to the computer system that's used by the travel websites and travel agents, three times a day - 7:00 A.M., 9:30 A.M. and 5 P.M. Pacific time and on Saturday and Sunday at 2 P.M. also Pacific time. So make sure to have a fare in mind and check several times a day. Fares can change in an hour or two so if you see a price that you know is right make sure to book it right away.

Make sure to start shopping early. Know that fares will start to rise in some cases 14 days before a flight and for sure 7 to 10 days before your flight.

With these tips you should get off to a good start now that you know some of the secrets to how to get cheap airfare and finding the best airfare deal online. There are a few other trade secrets to learn also. Continue to do your research online and you'll save lots of money on your airline tickets and travel online when you fly.

For more tips and secrets for getting the best and cheapest airfare deals go to for deals on electronics, laptops, credit, airfare, and more and best discounts, hot deals, low cost, wholesale deals and the best deals online and online shopping tips, fraud and security tips.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cheap International Flights - Getting the Lowest Cost International Airfares Possible

Cheap International Flights - Getting the Lowest Cost International Airfares Possible

Cheap international flights are every travellers dream. After all, most international flights run in the high hundreds to thousands of dollars, so any savings are a huge bonus. Unfortunately, most people have absolutely no idea how to get the absolute best deals on their international airfares.

Just going to a major travel site and picking the lowest fare that shows up won't get the lowest price. Here are some tricks you can use on your next flight to save the most money possible.

Check international versions of travel sites...

Let's say you're flying to England. You jump on and check the flights and assume the lowest one you see is the best deal and book it. You could be missing out on even better savings that are just a few clicks away!

All you have to do is head to, the United Kingdom version of the site. Often times there are even better deals available on the same or similar flights. You just need to look. Always check if there is an international extension of the travel sites for the country you're flying to.

Follow up your online search with a call to a travel agent...

Once you've completed your in-depth online search and found the lower price on the net, don't book it just yet! The best thing to do now is to call a travel agent, tell them the price you've found and see if they can do any better!

International flights are expensive, and that simple extra step could save you hundreds of dollars extra. If the experienced travel agent can't find you a cheaper price, then it cost you nothing to ask. If they can, you've just saved yourself a chunk of extra cash!

Learn all the secrets to cheap flights directly from the experts...
These are only a couple of the tips and tricks you can use to knock hundreds, and even thousands, off of your future flights. There are so many more that are almost completely unknown to the general public.

Go to and check out Fly Cheap! Airfare Secrets Revealed! The ultimate guide to saving on airfares, Fly Cheap! will show you exactly what you need to know to save the absolute most possible on all of your future flights.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Some Kinds of International Airline Discounts

Some Kinds of International Airline Discounts

With the war among the airline companies getting hotter day by day and rising to the skies, the international airfares have shown a sudden drop, with endless discounts being offered everyday to travelers.

Alongside, international countries offer numerous upcoming deals in travel packages and discount international airline tickets, encouraging more and more tourists to spend their vacation in one of these much known or not so known international destinations.

It's a true fact that international vacation can create a hole in one's pocket, so maximum of the travelers look for cheapest and affordable ways to do things including accommodation at very reasonable price, discounted airline tickets, cheap eating and shopping and so on.

Discount international airline ticket is one of the smartest ways to have an advantage on budget during international vacation.

Well, there are several ways to fly out of the country without hurting your wallet too much. Looking or asking for discount airline tickets is something very common all these days. One can ask for his discount airline tickets from a travel agent as well from airline authorities.

You can also browse the web for discount international tickets. Spending few minutes on the internet and comparing different airplane deals can actually get you great vacation packages as well as discounted airline tickets.

Mostly, travel agencies fail to compete with the international airline tickets available on the internet. Numerous travel search engines, tourist boards. Trip planners and tourist guides are promoted through website technology.

Booking international airline ticket on net requires intensive research and is a best way to start your quest for airline tickets if you are flying for the first time internationally. It's almost impossible to say which travel website offers right kind of discount on international airline tickets.

These websites keep on getting updated every now and then. Best way for 'money saving' is to always compare numerous websites and search engines before booking your discounted international airplane ticket.

Great news is that many travel portals believe in providing discount to military personal. It is their way to honor men and women who served or is serving their country. In case you are one such traveler, don't forget to grab your military discount on airline ticket.

Alongside, if you are business personal, you must also check if any discounts are being applicable in your case. Often, it's the economy class which gets covered under these discounted airfares by certain airlines. Also, booking tickets in advance can also help you save huge bucks on international cheap tickets.

Discounts on international airfare surely changes with routes. Airliners may not offer heavy discounts on extremely busy routes. Certain less-busy routes are loaded hefty discounts. Seasons also a play a vital role in availing cheap flights & international airfare discounts. Discounts are almost negligible during peak seasons and the moment the peak season ends, airfares show a drastic negative.

Ashu Kaushik: is a renowned and truly acclaimed author in the field of Travel. His write ups has helped his readers a lot to grab maximum benefits in the market of cheap air tickets and flights to bangkok.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Discount Airfare: AirTran Flights from $39 One-Way

Discount Airfare: AirTran Flights from $39 One-Way

If you're looking for a quick weekend getaway or planning an end-of-the-summer vacation, AirTran might just have the flights to fit your budget.

Starting at $39 one-way, these AirTran flights land at just about all the places the discount airline flies.
In order to grab these cheap flights, you'll have to book your travel by May 12, but you can travel through Nov. 11, 2009.

Sample fares include flights to Las Vegas, Orlando flights, Miami flights and flights to San Francisco.

We found a few sample flights with AirTran, but there are plenty more to be found. Book your summer airfare with AirTran to capture these deals:

Atlanta -- San Francisco $129
Atlanta -- Washington D.C. $74
Baltimore -- Las Vegas $129
Baltimore -- Miami $79
Boston -- Phoenix $129
Charlotte -- New York (LGA) $69
Chicago (MDW) -- Miami $89
Dallas Fort Worth -- Chicago (MDW) $117
Detroit -- Philadelphia $99
Los Angeles -- Orlando $129
Miami -- Seattle $129
Minneapolis St. Paul -- West Palm Beach $84
New York (LGA) -- Miami $84
New York (LGA) -- San Francisco $129
Orlando -- Phoenix $129
Orlando -- San Francisco $129
Philadelphia -- St. Louis $82
Raleigh-Durham -- Fort Myers $79
St. Louis -- Tampa $99
Washington D.C. -- Houston $89
Washington (DCA) -- Los Angeles $129
Washington D.C. -- Orlando $79
West Palm Beach -- Phoenix $129

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Discount Airfare: Spirit's $35 Promotion Ends Today

Discount Airfare: Spirit's $35 Promotion Ends Today

There are less than 24 hours left to save $35 with Spirit Airlines.

Book a flight by 11:59 p.m. EST on April 13 for travel between April 21 and Nov. 17. To get the $35 discount, enter 35HOURS in the promotion code box. This discount works for flights that are $49 each way or higher.

We tested the promotion code for Memorial Day weekend from Boston to Atlantic City and didn’t see a price difference. However, when using the travel dates July 9 and July 13, the promo code did save us some cash.

The airline notes that the $35 discount already reflects a savings of $10 for booking online. This just means you’ll actually only see an additional $25 off when you use the promo code.

Our July flight to Atlantic City was $157 round-trip without the discount, but totaled $132 round-trip with the promo code.

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