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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finding Cheap Airfare Online

Finding Cheap Airfare Online

Not only can you find the cheapest airfare ticket prices online, but you can also find the best seats and choose the amenities you`d like on your flight as well.

Comparing airfare prices is the key to getting a good deal, and websites such as make it easy. The site lets you choose from a list of search sites, such as priceline-dot-com and super-search, and you can compare prices until you find the lowest one.

Each day, Fare Compare also finds cheap travel deals from a variety of airlines, like the Jetblue promotion for cheap summer flights to Ireland. is another flight comparison site, but this one also shows you how altering the time of your flight will change the price of your ticket.

You can also choose the duration of your layovers, and your overall flight time, and the site will remove the flights that don`t match your criteria.

One of the most popular price-comparison sites now is Here, users can compare the prices of other travel sites, or use the price that Kayak has generated.

If you`ve already booked the flight, the next step is to choose your seat. Before you do that, log onto
. This site has graphics of hundreds of different planes, with detailed seat maps.

There`s a key that tells you which seats have been given the best and worst reviews, and graphs showing you where the rest-rooms, emergency exits, and even the overhead TVs are.

Finally, to make sure that everything goes well on the day of your trip, check out This site offers real-time updates on the latest status of your flight, including information about the gates the flight is scheduled to depart from, and where it will arrive.

There`s also something called a delay index, which tells you what the current delay time is at every major airport in the country.

Most of these sites also offer guarantees that they`ll find you the cheapest flight, or give you a rebate if the price drops.

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I like this website. I have always a travel in different country and a cheap airfare is all I need. I think I can get a discount on the airline that I will bought a plane ticket.